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"The difference between success and failure is the individual who succeeds simply does what the individual who failed did not do or was willing to do"

We provide the most realistic and lucrative business plan and business development system. Our business plan can yield a very substantial ongoing income for those individuals who are serious and willing to follow a proven system.

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A System For Entrepreneurs

We provide a system for entrepreneurs to create an ongoing residual income while providing consumers worldwide a better new way to shop. We are a product brokerage specializing in One-One marketing. Through the power of the Internet with the power of people creating the ultimate online destination.

The 45 Year Plan
Versus The 2-3 Year Plan!

Everything does not have to remain the same. The "45 YEAR PLAN (trading time for money) making someone else financially successful or the 2-3 YEAR PLAN proven to create your own financial security" .


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We move the marketplace and our business does not rely solely on the sales on any one product or service.

With over 3000 exclusive products and services, you also have access to multibillion dollar markets providing over 35 million products available at your customers fingertips. Read More


A Perfect System

A perfected standardized system that combines many marketing systems to duplicate your business success. Combining franchising, direct sales, home shopping and internet sales while eliminating their weakness and expense. Read More

Work Smarter Not Harder

Invest 8-15 hours a week simply following our proven business plan will place you in the esteemed 5% earning a Six Figure residual income. Our business plan is a proven plan for your financial success.

The Best Way To Predict The Future
Is To Create It!

What Is You Plan B

* Work more hours
* Get a second job
* Own your own business
* Hit the lottery

"95% of people spend up to 45 years of their lives making the other 5% successful! Of the 5% who succeed, 3 out of 4 do so by owing their own business. Read More

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"95% of people spend up to 45 years of their lives making the other 5% successful! They work a plan for someone else's financial success, not their own"

Key to success lead by example. One guarantee: if you don't try anything, then everything will stay the same. For the entrepreneur looking to create ongoing income we teach you how to Buy wholesale and Sell retail with no inventory.

Work From Home Business Opportunity. With today's economy everyone needs a Plan B. Did you know that most people work into their 70's today!!

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* 35 Million products
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Own An Internet Business

If you are even considering an online business or looking to capitalize on the Internet, you have to have an Internet presence. With the Internet continuing on growing every year, people are using the Internet more and more to buy products online and we can show you how easy it is to get a piece of that.

Sell over 2,500 exclusive products and 35 million products from over 3,500 partner stores!! “Plus you and your customers earn up to 50% cash back and a .5% on referrals to shop”.

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